Saturday, September 14, 2013

Magical Caramel Unicorn

I'm a Magical Caramel Unicorn!  People always ask me "what are you?". Happy? Disgruntled? Confused? Bored? I often think of replying with something like that but I know what they want.  "I'm half black and half white" I reply.  I could get more detailed but there is nothing I hate more than someone droning on about how they are all these different things. No one cares, and the more things you list the more I don't want to speak to you.  just because you rattle of 7 completely different things doesn't make me think you are special and unique.  The people I find special and unique don't feel the need to bombard me with shit and shove it down my throat.  They are themselves and everything about them is special and unique, if you really are you don't have to force it.  Anyway I answer with a basic response unless they inquire more then i give them a bit more and say the white is Hungarian which is true but that is only half because my grandfather was Hungarian and my Grandmother was German/Irish but that is just too much so i shorten it, respectively. Sometimes people guess, Persian? Egyptian? Puerto Rican? and they are always wrong.  Either way I don't feel black and white, its hard to explain.  I feel like my own thing, all us mixed kids.  Caramel.  If that were a satisfying answer to people I would use it.  Feeling a little different but not worlds apart I love being caramel and feeling magical and ethereal and crazy I picked this name.  It sounds like it feels, and it feels like me. So welcome to the inner workings of a caramel unicorns mind.

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