Thursday, November 7, 2013

Being a Girl

Being a girl is like living in a magical land that somehow co-exists with the normal perceived by men that is.  Its confusing, awesome, scary, exciting, and magical. Most of all magical.  There are so many things to always consider its not an easy job.  We are majestic soft skinned sirens with a lot on our minds.  From what to wear and the best way to smear makeup on your face to how to have sex with the hottest guy and how to sternly yet ever so sweetly reject the one who reminds you of your 15 year old brother is a lot to balance. I personally love being a girl, but still I constantly find myself wondering about the differences between boys and girls, Lady's and guys, and men and women.  From the strange dangling sex organ to emotional stability, everything is a question.  Maby though not understanding is what makes our connections to each other that much more exciting.  The not knowing, the confusion adds to the intensity between the opposite sex.  I always feel so confused, like I can never pinpoint my true feelings about anything.  Simple things are easier but even then I'm at a loss.  The way I feel about a person, or about something I want to do always seems so blurry.  One minute I am entirely sure of what I feel and think and at the drop of a dime my feelings change with no explanation.  In the end I cant tell if either were ever true feelings, which ones to pick and what to do.  I wonder if anyone else is always so overwhelmed with emotions, and not necessarily just the emotions but not knowing if you really feel them or not.  When you have such strong feelings that are polar opposites how can you be sure, you start to question yourself and then you kind of sink deeper into the confusion.  I know its best not to over think but sometimes I do and I cant help it.  So I get ready and let life decide sometimes, like being in the middle of the ocean you don't have alot of choices.  The tide and the waves are more powerful than you, you don't get to decide sometimes, it'll carry you whichever way the current is going.

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