Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This outfit makes me want ice cream

Top from Nasty Gal
Shorts from PacSun
Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters
Shoes from DV8

I always wonder why people are hmmm how do I phrase DUMB! Currently I am sitting in the airport, at my termal and the flight is about to board.  They announce the flight is about to board and like magic the words go in one way and everyone seems to hear 

"Everyone here please stand up and herd around the desk area, do not form a line, disregard others, and do it quickly" 

Umm, NO. They did not ask you to stand up, they didn't call anyone.  I'm pretty sure I heard handicap only, yet there is 57 not handicapped people standing in the way.  Like animals, i hate it.  People don't know how to behave in public situations and this always annoys me.  I don't see the point, they didn't call anyone, and even if they did


If ur first class then maby get your stuff together, otherwise sit the fuck  down.  It doesn't even make any sense because now your just standing around...why not just wait.  Your all on top of each other, you have everyones dirty breath on your skin. no thank you.  

I strategically wait until there are like 4 stragglers and then make my way there.  Its a great experience.  I get out of my seat, walk over with my luggage, smile and give them my ticket with ID.  Then I breeze down the portable hallway/mechanical arm thing and boom I'm greeted by attendants! Then I walk all the way to my seat instead of standing butt to crotch with strangers, sweating, and worrying if my carry on will fit in the overhead, having a mild panic attack at holding up the line and being That Person.

Same applies to other stuff too, like buffets. Omg don't even get me started on a buffet, people turn into ravenous inconsiderate food zombies.

I could go on and on about my disappointment in the human race when it comes to following directions in a bustling  ( continue under rant ---> )

Interjection: The airport attendant just got on the mic and said "Please stick with your groups folks, everything is getting all mixed up and we need to stay organized"

I rest my case

As the line comes to an end I will gracefully glide to my seat with a smile.  And so I leave you with pictures, My airport ensemble will be documented later but I think something bright and positive is in order. Travel safe and stay in your seat until they call your zone people!!!

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