Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fuzzy Books, Hooters socks & Muffins

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     Sometimes nothing is better than getting dolled up and reading a book.  Your ready to do anything but your choosing to read, somehow is feels snazzier that way. I normally wear booty shorts, a sweater/tank with no bra and my old hooters socks but for your sake I tool pictures in this dress. Of course I took it off immediately when i got home to finish reading but either way this dress is super comfy. I love dresses, for many reasons. 

1.) They are more cost efficient! Its a whole outfit in one, instead of buying separate pieces for the same price alot of time you can get one thing!
2.) I think dresses are flattering to every body type/shape.  Lets get real, they are made specifically for   girls and its all girls really wore up until recently...when did pants get hot? the 60's..who knows but dresses have had time to get perfected and whatever your body looks like I guarantee it'll look good in a dress (that is the right size)*

**Tangent** Girls, wear your size!  I was just talking about this last night but still it is so annoying when I see it.  I am personally offended that you are subjecting my delicate eyes to your terrible fashion decisions.  Is it worth looking like a muffin muffin that got filled up with way too much batter before it was in the oven so it actually overflowed like an inch over the side, just so you can say your a size 2.  Just wear clothes that fit you, you'll look better.. I promise.  When you wear stuff that is to small you look me. ok done

3.) They make you look more put together and nice without having to try very hard + theres so many     different kinds they are good for any occasion.  Theres more reasons Im sure but those are my top 3

 If you want something great, quick, and easy to read the book featured is a perfect choice.  I'm about halfway through and love it.  It's called The Art of War By: Steven Pressfield, my friend recommended it and lent me his copy.  So if you want something light but fulfilling to read I would definitely suggest this book. 

Although Florida is great and I get to wear summer dresses in November it still gets a bit gloomy here some days.  The string of rainy days definitely kept me snuggled inside with a fuzzy blanket, yummy candle and a book.  Ever wonder about writing your own book?  Ive thought about it a million times but if I did i wouldn't recommend my parents read it...or any significant other hehe.  And if I left out all the good stuff than it obviously wouldn't be as interesting...maby I could use an anonymous name...hmm.

City Studio Dress 
Urban Outfitters Sunglasses
Forever 21 Belt
Book: The Art of War

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