Sunday, November 24, 2013


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Photo Credit: Rosey
Lazy Oaf Dress from Nasty Gal
Betsey Johnson Purse
Jeffery Campbell Schoon platform wedge
 Quay Sunglasses

 Im sure Im not alone with my obsession with "things".  I know they are the least important things in life, we should be forming bonds, and volunteering at homeless shelters, and studying, and learning how to love, donating bloo..... "OMG IS THAT A RETRO FLORAL PORTABLE RECORD PLAYER!!!" sometimes materialism gets the better of us, as long as you know its not all that matters I think its ok .... right?! I have been obsessed with records for a while and have wanted a record player but could never find one like I had been picturing in my mind ...until recently.  Urban outfitters has a line of portable and regular stationary record players.  Available in different colors and prints, I almost died.  The person I was with was sensible enough to make me feel retarded for wanting one and so I got yet another crop top instead. Still, Ive been occasionally glancing at them online and debating whether to buy one. 

 The real kicker is that records are pretty pricey, anywhere from 10-25$ for 1.  My Pandora hasn't done me wrong yet, and for 26$ a year it feels like a steal. Pandora is the longest committed relationship Ive ever been in, 3 years and a cpl months & still going strong. Or are we?! me and my music dilemma is alot like life huh, you have something good, really good, even great but something shinier, newer, and with a floral print comes along and you throw everything out the window without looking back.  Then after the newness wares off and you no longer smile just cause it looks so beautiful there in the living room with the sunlight catching it just so you realize. 

Pandora was good to me.  Pandora was everything and more than I needed or could have hoped for.  This new thing cost you alot of $$$ its taking up space, and you can only afford to listen to lana del rey and all the crap records you find at the thrift store.  its not all bad, sometimes new is good, sometimes you need new and new is better.  But you better be sure, because just like everything else you cant take your choices back, once you cancel our Pandora membership all your stations, the hours of liking and disliking, the unlimited skipping, no commercials, variety of songs, and nonstop musical joy is gone forever. Think hard before you do anything!

As I am about to post this pandora is playing Sinister Kid by: The Black Keys.  Its hitting the spot just like it always does.  Think ill stick with Pandora for now :)

If you have Pandora or you don't here are a couple of my favorite stations: 

The Black Keys Radio
Bitters:Sweet Radio
Everything Radio
Army of Me (Sucker Punch Soundtrack) Radio
Clint Mansel Radio
Marina & The Diamonds Radio
Sweet Talk Radio
The Expendables Radio
Dirty Talk Radio
ASAP Rocky Radio (sounds amazing if you drive a Bug and have a 10 in the back...just sayin)

...Oh and this dress is super comfy and versatile, It  always reminds me of music and fun and being young.  I wear it with heels or just sandals, so it can be casual or dressy I think.  Its pretty funky and this pattern is also available as a crop top by Lazy Oaf.  I have to many crop tops already and my love for dresses made it an easy decision.  These heels are pretty easy to walk in considering they are 7.5 inches.  The wedge and the straps make them very comfy, still proceed with caution on uneven or bumpy ground.  If i am walking on regular floors or sidewalk I am perfect but cobblestone ect. is not your friend in these puppies.

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