Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thrifting Fail

So today I decided to go thrifting.  Ive been meaning to for a while and decided today was my last chance before my Thanksgiving trip.  I have coats but most of them are more fashionable than warm, and seeing as how its going to be 15 degrees I needed some more winter gear. 

 I figured I would stumble across some cool stuff at thrift stores and that way I wouldn't have to spend a bunch of something I might not wear for a while.  Plus its last minute and I have been looking for coats, nothing has stood out and I'm definitely not a fan of buying stuff I feel like I could live without.  So I drove out to this middle of nowhere-ish town a while ago to eat at some place that was apparently amazing, we got there and it was closed so we had to go somewhere else but I noticed some thrift stores and had wanted to go back.  

My thinking was that places like that will have better/more stuff because its pretty rural, they don't have as much foot traffic and just in general thought it would be a gold mine for stuff.  it turned out to be the opposite, I tried to stay positive the whole time but it was a struggle.  Everything was sooo unorganized and packed that it was hard to even navigate let alone pull anything out and look at it.  
Soooo much stuff.  

I had a couple things and the 2 lady's working were nice which made me hopeful.  When I asked to try stuff on they told me they only had a bathroom, and then a lady in line chimed in with 
"careful its leaking so the floor is covered in water"
huh...good to know.  I now don't even care to try stuff on but can take it back cause shes already leading the way so of course I commit and tell myself it cant be that bad.  But it was.  I felt like a secret wall door was going to get dragged in and be chained to a radiator being tortured for the next couple of years.  Scary.

Once I got into the dressing room i quickly re-evaluated and decided on only a cpl peces in my pile to actually try on.  i was not trying to stay in there longer than I needed to.  After the frightening dressing room experience, and decided one 1 item I was ready to get out of there, I walk throught this laundry room thing to get back to the main part of the store and see this.  I paid .99 cents for my shirt and got  the fuck  out of there  

I Decided to stop at one more on the way back I had seen driving up and that was a mistake.  It was a storage unit and the garage door was up.  i walk in and theres a little girl on the couch starring at me.  I basically walked in and out.  Thanks but no thanks.  

I still love thrifting but gave up and went to a friends house, hung out for a bit, then went to eat tacos.

The picture at the top pretty much sums it up.

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