Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lazy Dayz

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Sweater & Jacket Victoria Secret PINK
Shorts Pac Sun
Sneakers Nike

Sometimes you just draw a blank.  One minute you feel motivated, excited, productive and you have all these ideas, a huge To Do list.  Then you wake up and feel like getting dressed is too much so you just sit around and watch youtube videos instead.  I get sucked into this all the time.  You start randomly googling, learn facts about, pokemon, Valeria Lukyanova, and quantum physics ... then you realize its 8 O clock and you still haven't taken a shower.  

Not to fear, Ive decided that's ok. 

Sometimes doing nothing is all you need.  Lazy days are sometimes the best and I don't feel bad about it.  I learn so many things from the Internet machine, its crazy! All the things you ever wanted to know at your fingertips.  How could you not get sucked into a web trance.

I love to read books, but reading articles, blogs, forums, and other random material still makes me feel like I'm learning something, even if it is that if Blastoid was real his water hoses would be so powerful they could spray through a 5inch thick concrete wall.

I feel myself sinking into it, this part of the couch that cradles my butt so snug, these fuzzy blankets on my lap, ice tea only an arms reach away... serenity

I will not cave today tho! So I think its ok to allow yourself periods of time where you do absolutely nothing, if that's what you want.  As long as you pick and choose wisely.  Don't fall into a unproductive pattern cause those are usually hard to break.  

And on the bright side I have a very cute outfit Ive been meaning to wear...

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