Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pretty Crazy

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Sunglasses from NastyGal
Top from PacSun
Skirt from Nasty Gal
Leather Jacket from Rosey
Leather Boots from Boutique in France

This outfit is perfect, its not only comfortable but screams, sexy.  Who doesn't want to be comfortable while still looking sexy, each piece can be worn completely different and that's part of what I love about all of these items.  

So Thanksgiving just passed,  I can only assume everyone either ate too much and feels terrible about there body or had to work and is mildly happy they made some $$.  Personally I ate. Lounged a lot. Talked alot. Played games and then lounged some more.  

Thanksgiving usually requires some traveling. I went to Philadelphia and on my way back had an interesting flight.  I find myself constantly wondering about people, where did they just come from, I wonder if they cheat on there wife? I wonder if that guy has ever done meth?  I wonder if this lady is happy? 

Well after walking what felt like 3 miles to my gate after standing in the security line for 30min, I am told the gate has just changed.  Now I must make my way from gate 28 the farthest on one side to gate 15, all the way where I just came from.  Great.  I had just bought a drink right before arriving at 28 that I was excited to drink because I was parched...seeing as how I just exercised more than I did all month.  I am now power walking to gate 15, angry that my drink wont be as cold when I get there, mad cause I'm starting to sweat since I have alot of layers on, and annoyed because my right arm pulling my carry on is in pain.

Finally I make it, of course there are no seats.  With 20 minutes til boarding I sit on the floor, back against the window and take out my book.  I immediately notice a man in front of me in a seat staring at me.  Sometimes if im in the mood I stare back and maintain consistent eye contact until they get uncomfortable and look away.  I didn't feel like engaging so I drank my juice, sent a couple texts, and started reading.  I could feel him looking at me almost the whole time and it was becoming annoying.

Finally they start boarding and of course I wait for the masses to herd in and make a break for it. I walk to my seat and alas, I am in a middle seat, between two people even though I distinctly remember choosing window.  And guess whose next to me?

The same guy that was staring at me is now going to be sitting next to me for 2 hours. Great. He was all over the armrest and the lady to my right was too so i sat arms to ribs and read my book.  I put my headphones on even tho they weren't playing music to distance myself.  Maby if they think I cant hear they wont try and talk to me in fear of rejection.  The whole flight he seems agitated.  He's bouncing his leg like crazy, rubbing his hands on his thighs, and is overall Antsy.  I didn't think much of it because I finished one book and start on The Bell Jar by: Sylvia Plath.  Which I highly recommend if you haven't read it yet. 

The best part was when we started to land.  All of a sudden he became so jittery.  The minute the plane landed he ripped of his seat belt and scooted to the edge of his seat..

Umm your in a window seat, and the wheels just touched the ground.  Sorry to tell ya, but ur not going anywhere. Sorry bout it.

Everyone started to get there stuff together and he started to murmur stuff.  I pretended to sit there and not notice but then started listening to him like a hawk.  We taxi to the gate and some people start to stand up.  He immediately starts a string on commentary.

"oh my god"
"are you serous"
"holy fuck"
"you got to be kidding me"
"jesus christ"

And so on... He is so angry that ts taking so long but there people in front of us, chill out.  So I'm sitting there trying to think of why he wants to get off the plane so bad.  I wonder if he has to shit really bad and cant wait to get to the bathroom?  I wonder if he has a connecting flight, if so where is he going, will he miss it?  I wonder if he has plans tonight or if he is meeting someone?

He is very agitated so I assume its something in particular.  I make sure i get up and out quickly and decide to follow him closely once off the plane.  I assumed he would get on the phone immediately and then I could listen and know what was going on.  

So I did just that.

He started walking very briskly, but I anticipated that so was close behind.  We got on the monorail, I kept a bit of a distance but made sure to stay close behind when we got off.  Sure enough he was on the phone immediately.

"Oh my fucking god, that was the worst flight ever, It just irritated me so much.  Ive been traveling so much i don't know what it was about that flight i just..."

Abruptly I was cut off by a band of senior citizens and there chaperons being escorted in wheelchairs.  Next thing I know he was gone.  I guess Ill never know if there was any particular reason he was doing the equivalent of the pee pee dance in his seat the whole flight but not knowing is a little bit more fun.

So I leave you with a creepy picture of him

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