Thursday, December 19, 2013

Some Beginnings End

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Betsy Johnson Purse

So I cut all my hair off.  Soooo many new things are happening it just seemed like the right choice to get rid of my old damaged hair and start again fresh, healthy, and new. It feels so soft, healthy, and light.  I absolutely love long hair and have never really been a fan of short hair on myself but I'm getting used to it.  There are alot of different styles you can do with long hair that don't necessarily translate when it comes to long hair.  Vintage styles in particular are my favorite, if you notice, women generally had shorter hair back in the day.  So most of the hairstyles don't look exactly the same unless you have short hair.  So I decided to try one out, for my first time I think it actually came out pretty good.  Not exact but I'm sure Ill get better at it. 

 I decided to do pin curls.  I used a curling iron on low heat and curled small sections towards my face then curled them up and pinned them to my head.  After I did my whole head I sprayed some hair spray all over and left them like that while I got ready.  You don't have to leave them that long but I just decided the longer the better.  So i covered them and took a shower then did my makeup, so in total they were pinned for at least an hour.  

When I took them down it looked like a hot mess, very little orphan annie-esque.  You just comb through them with your fingers, make your part, and then brush with a wide tooth brush.  After that just play around with it until you get it the way you like.  Voila! Looks like you just stepped off the set of MadMen.  I got alot of compliments on this look and It is pretty easy to do if you would like to try it!

So if your debating on trying something new, go for it.  The initial shock is scary but then you just get used to it like everything else. Good Luck!

Below I included some pictures of how my hair looked during each step so you have an idea of how I accomplished this hair style.

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