Friday, December 13, 2013

Take a Breath

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 Kendell & Kylee Collection @ Pacsun Sunglasses
Mom's old sweater
Forever 21 Shorts
Leather Boots from Boutique in France
Michael Kors Watch
Nasty Gal Collar Tank Top 

 You tell yourself to relax and calm down but somehow it  becomes this battle between your uncontrollable, unreasonable, emotional physical desire to cry and throw a fit & your logical brain telling you that crying is just going to give you a headache, make your eyes puffy, and not solve anything. 

Oh the agony.

Life is stressful, no doubt there.  I think it is about the way you choose to handle that stress that builds character and shapes the way you deal with the next problem that arises.  And rest assured there will be more problems to come.

I've been very stressed out lately.  The type of stress that rolls in like a fog, consuming everything in its path.  Nothing can escape fog, it gets into every nook & cranny.  The kind of stress that makes it impossible to focus on anything else until the problem is dealt with.  I'm not completely out of the fog, but its beginning to thin.

I wanted to finish reading my book, start a couple DIY projects, and tie up some loose ends but haven't been able to relax until this weight is lifted off of my shoulders.  I'm sure anyone who has moved before can understand how hard it is.  

Then you add in more factors like going alone, not knowing anyone, not knowing the area, not being able to find a place in your price range, living hours away and not being able to look at things in person, people that never pick up their phones or call you back, creepy old men roomates who want to walk around naked, and everything in between.

 So I shut down.  Completely consumed in figuring out the problem and getting everything lined up and in order because lets face it, I move in 2 weeks and I am just that person that cant wait until the last minute.  

So I just had to stop and take a breath and know that everything will work out and Ill be fine.  That's it.  So now I can finally go pick up my new phone from best buy, go to the bank, finish my book, and relax. So if there something going on just relax and whatever happens will happen but if its important enough you'll find a way.

May the force be with you.

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