Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Diggs

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Dresser & Headboard from Pier 1
Nightstands & Lamps from Target
Bedding by Shabby Chic
Mirror from TJ Maxx

The New Year is upon us, it crept up and so it seems it has come and gone.  I was lucky to have made my move just before the New Year so that I could be settled in to a new place for 2014.  Moving is always a struggle, its tedious, hard, frustrating, costly, and draining.  In the end its always worth it, to see the hard work pay off.  To see the things that had only existed in your mind become a reality.  To sit and touch all the things that weren't real until you unpacked all your things and arranged them in such a way.  I love my new house, its exactly what I wanted.  I won't lie and say I didn't panic, I saw so many wrong places before the right one came along and I am happy it did.  It is cute, spacious, safe, colorful, and exactly what I dreamed of.  Everything is since unpacked, put away, hung up, and ready to use and i couldn't be happier.  Of course all of that wouldn't have been possible without a very handy prince charming, his tools, and his dedication to a task that never seem to falter. 
Thank You :)

Decorating has always been fun and fascinating for me and I very much enjoyed creating the type of home I always wanted to live in.  Something clean, neat, whimsical, but not lacking on character.  I am so happy with my new bedroom, I will update with photos of each room in separate posts.  I am so happy with how it turned out, even though it is missing a centerpiece.  I have had my eye on a ceramic deer head with accent colors I think I will purchase, and put directly above my bed.

Hope you all enjoyed! Pictures of the rest of my house along with some DIY projects will be up shortly! 
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