Friday, January 10, 2014

Princess in a Castle

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Dress from Urban Outfitters

Moving to a new city all alone has been quit the experience.  I moved here to finish school and I'm proud I made it happen.  Not knowing a soul, not have a job, and not having a clue were I was the most terrifying yet exciting thing. I'm glad I'm here and now that I'm done crying about being lost I can finally enjoy everything the way I planned.  I got a job that I really like, I'm all signed up for school, my house is all put together and I couldn't be happier.

Spending so much time by myself the last 2 weeks has been really nice and much needed.  Ive been writing, reading, cleaning, and taking care of everything before school starts.  I think of how much time I've spent hanging out with myself and it makes me smile.

I must say, I'm pretty good company

Fairy tales normally depict a helpless princess locked in a tower somewhere with fire breathing dragons guarding her.  They never seem to mention how she showers or why her skin is so perfect and dewy.  Wouldn't she be pale, dirty, and have very little social/people skills.  That scenario doesn't make sense, but mine does.  I feel similar but in a different kind of way.  I like being alone in my castle.

A princess who locked herself in her own castle.  

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