Wednesday, January 15, 2014


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 Home Sweet Home

Everyone strives to be better, and part of that always seems to encompass becoming less materialistic. 

 Liking "things" is bad. . . so we're told.

Is it the stuff that makes you? How much do your things influence the person you are?

Maby thats all wrong, I think the things you love should inspire you and reflect the person you are as well as the person you want to become, and make you feel happy.

Now in no way am I advocating that material possessions are what is most important in life, but I must give respect to the objects that make my house a home.  Our "things" tend to make us feel a certain way, and with a direct correlation to my feelings I can't help but appreciate the beauty in things.  Im sure we've been socialized to worship "things" and allow them to affect our mood and self worth so much, but all of that aside, things are quit beautiful.

The strategic placement of a pillow, the smell of a scented candle, a clean countertop, pillows stacked just so, the way all your favorite books sit together on a shelf rustle up a kind of flawless charm I can't help but feel.

They are so beautiful in an inanimate sort of way and instead of telling myself they don't matter why not appreciate them for what they are.  

A toothebrush holder and a soap dispenser placed in just the right way warrants a smile while you wash your hands.  

who doesn't want to smile?!

Maby I'm a perfectionist or maby I'm just weird.  Either way, people see beauty in all kinds of different things.  I have always been overly attached to my "stuff".  Maby because I never felt anything I had was safe or I always felt my living situation was temporary so my "things" were always compromised.  I never had the sense of stability one might have in a house they grew up in from when they were a little kid.  

Things in life affect us differently and I can honestly say that over the years I have grown more attached to things because I can control them.  I can put them in just a way they are ascetically pleasing and  when I leave they will be there when I come back.  

They are quiet friends that make my life cozy and familiar. 
Warm and comforting
Pretty and stylish

Something I think everyone wants to feel.

So I give myself a pat on the back and appreciate my finely tuned skill of collecting objects that make me happy without allowing them to completely take over my life.

…and so my love for "stuff" will continue...

Tonight when I go to sleep I will thank my pillows for always being there for me :)
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