Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday DIY Fun !

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I love DIY projects and when I saw this somewhere I just had to try and re-create it!  This is simple, fun, inexpensive and an adorable decoration! 

Make sure you have all of your materials.  If you have a hot glue gun, gorilla glue, or hodgepodge that works too.  I purchased the floral foam at Joannes but I am sure it is available at Michaels as well.

Pick up the letter(s) of your choice at either craft store.  There are three different sizes, but i chose the largest one !

Step 1 : Using a knife, scissor, or a box cutter carefully cut around your letter so you can put the foam on the inside.  I would suggest cutting it as a whole piece and not in section so you will have two letters instead of one.  I will be doing another DIY with the second letter but for now try and cut it out in one piece as close to the edge as you can.

Step 2 : Carefuly remove the top layer that you cut out.  Be gentle with the corners so you don't rip anything or weaken your letter.

Step 3 : Remove the cardboard supports from inside your letter

Now grab your glue, knife, and foam !

Step 4 : Line up your foam with the letter and cut pieces that will fit inside as best you can.  They don't all have to be the same height but the closer you can get them the better. Put dots of glue on the inside of your letter to make sure the foam stays put.

Step 5 : Place your foam inside the letter.

Step 6 : Use any remaining or leftover foam to fill in small gaps and spaces that you couldn't get with the bigger pieces of foam.

Step 7 !

While you're waiting for your glue to dry its time to start on the flowers.  Start to cut your flowers, making sure to leave at least an inch of stem.  I got most of these flowers from he dollar store so you can get a couple different style bouquets and have more than enough.  If the stem has wire cut it where you want it then just bend it in the same place and it will break right off.  Arrange all your flowers in the foam the way you like. You can always move flowers around but be careful not to take them in and out a lot or you might make too many holes in the foam.

Your all done ! 

Now let your letter completely dry.  Make sure to secure any loose flowers with more glue and come back in about 30 minutes !

Place your letter on a nice flat surface or hang it on the wall !

This was a super fun and easy DIY that makes for a charming and original decoration! 

I hope you guys enjoyed!

Tips: You can also do more than one letter for your initials or someone else's.  This is a great gift to yourself but also a great gift for someone else.  If someone is having a baby or even if its just someones birthday this would be a creative and inexpensive gift! Also if you have any left over flowers that didn't fit in your letter but you already cut them off the bouquet place them next to candles for an accent like I did !


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