Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vintage and Valentines

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I wanted so badly to start this blog, and although it may be easy these days it took me a while to actually do it.  I had such momentum at first and was so excited but then I started slipping once I moved.  This has been a big change for me and I haven't had a lot of spare time.  Who am I kidding, I haven't had a lot of time but I've definitely had enough to keep everything going, I just got lazy.  

I have slapped myself for it and have decided to trek on even under some crappy circumstances.  I originally wanted to do more of a fashion style blog which I still plan on doing but I don't have a camera or anyone to take photos of me now that I moved and have no friends :/

Not to worry, at least thats what Im telling myself.  Maby this is all suppose to take a different road and thats ok with me, the important thing is to stick with it.  So thats what I'm going to do, whatever I can.

Ok Ok on with it…

Im still getting adjusted to being alone most of the time which is the opposite of my life previous to the move.  I had tons of friends, always went out, never slept alone, and always had something to do. Now I live alone, don't have any friends, and only go to school, work, and Publix.

My beautiful boyfriend has come to visit me a bunch and I'm happy and grateful that thats possible.  Most recently was Valentines day, which I was so excited for because I was really stressed between work and school and couldn't wait to see my boyfriend and do a bunch of fun stuff.  

Isn't it funny that you always have all these romantically wonderful ideas in your head but when it actually happens its a flop.

Well being the sweetheart that he is, he took me to lunch and then said we were going somewhere secret.  So it was a surprise and I of course was all excited.  


I told him I wanted to go ice skating a bunch of times and used to go all the time when I was little and even when I was a teenager.  But the minute we got there I was overcome with anxiety and totally did not want to ice skate. haha there goes the fantasy of twirling around in a cute dress on ice with your handsome boyfriend.

Instead, he could tell I wasn't that excited but we went in anyway to check it out.  We walk in and we can immediately see into the first rink and I swear these kids were training for the fuckin olympics.  They were twirling and gong backwards and all kinds of shit…. oh and they were all like 10.


We both start laughing and walk over to the other ring where we assumed there would be normal people who didn't know that the fuck they were doing.  We walk over and look through the door, and granted there was one couple clinging to the edge for dear life while 6 year olds glided past.  it was maby a 75/25 ratio of retards to child olympians.  

I was almost about to say "watever lets give it a go" when this lady came out of the doors rubbing her hands together and said "Omg its freezing in there!"

ummm no

That was it.  Not gunna happen.  This woman was wearing a down skii jacket, pants, a hat, and gloves, not to mention the ice-skates. 

I was wearing a sleeveless dress.

We laughed pretty hard and blew that popsicle stand.

Moral of the story is that nothing ever happens the way you think it will…. a theme that seemed to carry over to dinner.

We went to a very snazzy steakhouse, he made a reservation for 9:45 and we were on time.  When we got there they said it was at 10 which it wasn't but that wasn't a big deal, we went to the bar to get a drink.  We were standing cause there was no seats but still it was fine.  During this time I actually thought "omg these tables in the bar suck, everyones in your business and its not private at all, hope we don't get one of these tables".

Even Worse

Finally they call us and lead us down the hallway and lead us into this room.  Omg the minute we walked in I was irritated, it wasn't even a real part of the restaurant where there were tables.  It was like a banquet room, or a room where they would put a buffet or some shit.  There were waaaaayyyyy too many tables in there, they were microscopic, and so close together. 

Of course she seats us at the table in the middle of the room so we're surrounded on all four sides by other people, which were so close I could hear there conversations perfectly and could reach there table without bending an elbow.

Worse still, they were shitty fold out tables with table clothes on top….You could see the legs!
WTF, if ur gunna use shitty tables at leafs get a long tablecloth so it looks nice.  When we said down I said "Is this a fucking fold out table" lol It just came out, I couldn't help it.  But the girl at the table next to use stated laughing and said "at least someone said it".

Ha! see I wasn't the only one, it was complete bullshit.  If we had reservations and the cheapest plate of food is $25 I want a real fucking table.  Ugh it was pretty annoying and i could tell my boyfriend was mad about it.  A couple with a corner table got up and we moved which was sooooo much better but the tables were still shit.  I still had a great time and my food was great but everything else sucked.  That experience makes me not want to go back but it was Valentines Day so maby if we just went on a Friday night then it wouldn't be that bad.  

After dinner we went to Blue Martini and a couple other bars.  It was a really great night but it reminds me to always have low expectations lol that way your not disappointed. 

Oh and on that note, if your wondering about other romantic ideas that are actually terrible in real life here is a list :)

Reading or drinking while taking a bubble bath
Having someone sing you a song
Proposing with a ring inside of food


Corset from Fredrick's of Hollywood 
Thigh high stockings Victoria Secret
Valentines Day Dress Bettie Page
Heels Steve Madden
Green Wiggle Dress Bettie Page

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