Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cigar City Brewery Review:

Cigar City Brewery Tour


So recently I had the opportunity to visit the Cigar City Brewery in Tampa FL.  I have never toured a brewery before and I also am not a big beer drinker. 

This was a lot of fun! educational, interesting, affordable and just a good time in general.

So, it cost $5 a person and that gets you a beer and you get to keep the pint glass.  So basically its just like buying a beer because that's about how much one of their beers cost in a bar.  You schedule the tour in advance and then pay when you get there.  When you pay you choose which beer you want so u'll be drinking it throughout the tour as well as tasting other beers.

As far as the "tour" goes it wasn't exactly like I pictures.  This is a fairly new company and so they did not have a huge factory.  The actual area where they brewed the beer was about the size of a high school gym so you could pretty much see everything once you walked in. 

The guide new a lot about beer, told us about the company, how its made and then asked a couple trivia questions, giving away little cups of beer to the winners.  We walk about 10 steps and he showed us the actual machinery and talked about that.  Then we walked another 10 steps and he talked about the barrels and the different flavors.  

Overall it lasted about an hour and it was mostly just listening and talking while standing in a factory drinking a beer.  Pretty good for $5

After the tour was over he picked two different beers that they were working on, that have not been sold anywhere yet. I didn't like the first one but the second one was a sour IPA and it was delicious!  I do not like IPA's or any beer for that matter, but this beer was actually really good.  It was definitely sour but it wasn't gross and if it had been available I probably would have ordered another glass.  

At the end everyone just stood around drinking and talking.  My sister and I talked to the guide about a bunch of different things, took some pictures, and then headed back inside.  The inside just looks like a bar, they sold food there which smelled great but we didn't get anything to eat.  they had cookies and cuban sandwiches mmm

We hung out for another hour and had another beer each.  I originally got the hard cider, which I didn't know they made and it was amazing.  Then I tried the blueberry pancake beer which the guide said was really good and I hated it.  It did not taste good at all.  It wasn't sweet and did not taste like a blueberry pancake.  It smelled amazing but really didn't taste that grew.  

Overall it was a really fun experience and I would recommend it to anyone in the Tampa area or if you just come for a visit.  Its cheap and interesting so you can't go wrong!

Hops Barley Rye

Blueberry pancake…not good


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