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CineBistro & Anise Review: Date Night Edition

CinéBistro & Anise Review: Date Night Edition

So I finally went to a dine in movie theatre!  

Casual Daytime outfit By: NastyGal

mmmm i LOVE strawberry shortcake ice cream !

Date Night outfit: Dress & Shawl from F21

Photobombed !

Melon & Basil Cocktail at Anise

Review time...

I've heard of them before and have friends that have gone but have never gotten the chance to go myself.  So I guess this is a mini review and night out post.  Overall I really liked it and it was a great date night activity, but I probably wouldn't go again just because it was sort of a novelty thing.  

So #1 is there were no fucking stairs to the place, like the architect/designer/builder just didn't make an entrance… ? wtf

There was a front with doors and the sign obviously where you are suppose to go in but no walkway from the sidewalk..there was a low wall and hedges all around.  Who the fuck forgot to make an entrance…

Shit was not handicap accessible… just saying

We had to step up on the wall, shimmy around a column and then walk in.  It was hard or anything but was weird and stupid.  Anywhoo… you get your tickets and then its basically a lounge style areas with a bar and tables.  You can eat and drink there before the movie starts or during.  We got there about 35 minutes early so we sat down and had a drink and an appetizer.  Popcorn popcorn chicken….lol it was literally just popcorn and pieces of popcorn chicken, not bad but exactly like what you would think.  

I will admit it grew on me with every bite.  I had a glass of wine and it was a good setting for talking and lounging before your movie starts.  

They announced it was time for our movie and we headed into the theatre.  Now I was picturing something a lot different than what it was.  It was just a theater but with bigger more comfortable chairs, spaced out.  For some reason I was imagining a booth situation with a table but it was more like first class on an airplane.  

You were just in a big comfy chair with a moveable tray table attached to one side…. it was a little tacky.

It really wasn't bad and I don't have any complaints but when my date mentioned later that the tickets were 20 something $$ each I felt like it should have been nicer.  I mean that didn't include food or drinks, just merely allowed you to physically be in the building.  I feel like there should have been actual tables but oh well.

We ordered 2 more appetizers and shared, they seat you about 30 minutes before the movie starts so you have time to order and get your food so servers won't be walking around the whole time.  

The food was good but the waiters hung around and this really bothered me because this guy was literally standing 7 feet away from me and I just wanted to punch him and yell "move!".  

He was so distracting in my peripherals and it was annoying,

We saw neighbors and I thought it was hilarious.  

Ive heard from a couple people some mixed reviews but personally I thought it was really funny. 

After that we went to an awesome bar in downtown Tampa called Anise.  Great place and the bartenders are awesome.  Part of the reason, besides the fabulous drinks, that I like it so much is because of the decor and the feel.  it is really nice and posh but at the same time laid back and casual.  It is defiantly a nice place but doesn't feel stuffy or stiff and I always have a good time.

Overall CineBistro gets a 6 and Anise gets a 10

…. on the date night note it was a great evening and I recommend the dine in thatre as a one time thing and Anise as an all the time thing.

I think the next time I see a movie I want to go to a drive in theatre ...
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