Thursday, May 22, 2014

So much has happened...

So much has happened...

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory.  Since it is all in the recent past I don't particularly want to drone on about any one thing so Ill just give a brief summary.  

But before anything here is a fabulous picture of me on a great Saturday night out!

Dress From: NastyGal

First:  I got in a car accident.  It was terrifying but I didn't gelt hurt at all besides braking my thumb nail on my left hand.  That did hurt but I'm definitely not complaining because it could have been waaayyy worse.  It was my fault, it was early, raining, and I was looking at my gps trying to get to this wax salon I had never been too before, and ran a red light.  I T-boned this guy going about 50-55mph and all my airbags went off.  I was wearing my glasses, which flew off but miraculously did not break.  I jumped out of the car when it started filling with smoke cause i thought it was on fire, but it wasn't.  I sat down on the street corner to catch my breath and no other cars stopped and no one came over to me… it happened in the middle on an intersection everyone saw and I'm still in shock no one got out an came over to see if I was ok.  The rest was a nightmare, my phone flew into the windshield and broke so I could call anyone because I didn't know anyones # and waited, got a ticket, had my car towed, got picked up by a rental car service, rented a car, drove to best buy to get a new phone, drove home and called my mom and sister, got ready, and drove straight to work.  Shit was insane but I wasn't really injured and didn't see the point in not going to work and sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  I was scared I might be in pain the next morning but I wasn't and I'm fine but the whole thing was really scary and I am so lucky I didn't get hurt and neither did the other driver.  I got a brand new 2014 Volkswagen Beetle in red… haha the exact same care I had before except brand new.  I didn't even get a scratch so that car did me right, the choice was pretty easy.  I am so in love with it and feel so safe and happy that I finally have a nice new car.  

Second:  School ended and I finished the semester with straight A's and am so happy about it.  I really put in the work and it feels great when it pays off.

Third:  I met someone amazing 

Fourth:  I moved!  When I moved here i didn't know where I was going to be working but I knew I had to take classes at the Tarpon campus because the ones I needed where only offered there.  So basically i was living in BFE and it was torture.  I had to drive over an hour to get to work and it was miserable.  Especially after the car accident and driving so late at night with all the drunk people was also terrifying.  So I spoke to my landlord and was able to get my last month and security back as long as I found someone to move in and take over my lease, which I did.  It was extremely time consuming and tedious but I did it.  I found a place 2 blocks from where I work and am taking summer classes at the St. Petersburg campus which is absolutely beautiful.  The new place is a lot smaller and Ive had a problem with bugs but it just got sprayed and I'm just trying to stay positive that it will all be taken care of and work out for the best.  I sold all my living room furniture and bought all new stuff and cannot wait for it all to arrive and put everything together.  I will do a whole post about that along with details of where I purchased everything

Fifth:  I got an internship at a super snazzy design firm for fall semester!  My major is French linguistics but I have been debating on double majoring and I have always been super into design and all things beautiful and creative so I said fuck it, let me try and get an internship.  I knew it would be a longshot since I have no experience, official degree, and design/ architecture is not even my major but I did it anyway.  I looked up all the best firms, came up with the perfect internship request letter, and sent it out to all of them.  Out of 10 I got 2 responses which was pretty good.  I sent my resume and had a phone interview with one guy, then scheduled and interview in person.  I knew I didn't actually have any work but wanted to show I was serious so i made a very nice book/portfolio of my artwork, sketches, designs, along with other peoples work that I found inspirational (of course I clearly gave them credit).  I think it really showed I was about business, plus my bettie paige dress was definitely a statement in itself. A week later he emailed me and I got it!! so happy!

Sixth:  I feel really happy, lucky, and motivated right now and am excited for this summer.  I have 2 projects I'm working on right now and hope to have one finished my the end of the summer and the other in the works.  I do get down and sad and mad and frustrated at times but I have really been trying to stay positive and not let those things change my mood or get in the way of what is important. 

Below are some pictures of my time away… 

Getting the Keys to my new whip!

My new baby 

Night out
if your in Tampa check out Ciros, Flybar, Edison, and Anise

Day of my interview

Dress By: Bettie Page clothing

On the way to check out my new apartment and sign the lease!

New place before I moved in 

Stay tuned for more life updates, beauties favorites, outfits, and decorating !


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