Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Hangover

Soooo Ive been hung over all day… and if you've been hung over, which I'm sure you have you know how much it sucks.

Pure pain… I've just been in physical agony all day and its terrible

I am just now feeling better, after some olive garden, sleep, gatorade, hot chettos fries, and a honey bun.    While the hangover is happening my mind can't focus on anything else other than the pain and how I wish I didn't drink that much and just waiting for it to be over.  Its funny because when I start to feel better I instantly forget how much pain I was in and instantly feel guilty for not getting stuff done that day. 

Haha like a weirdo I literally get so mad that I wasted time especially being hungover because thats dumb… and now its 10:15 and I'm watching youtube in my pajamas

Theres always tomorrow tho…right?!

This post is literally just stating the obvious, like obviously being hungover sucks and you waste and entire day recovering but at least now that i wrote something i feel a little bit better.

cheers to tiny accomplishments.

The picture is not from last night but I look fabulous and it made me feel better :)

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