Friday, June 20, 2014

Comedy Show Review

Soooo, I went to my first Comedy Show!!  

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Red dress from F21
Red lipstick from Revlon, 
Accessories: Nipples

It was so much fun, and having a great date definitely made it that much better.  The show started at 7:45 so he picked me up around 7:20.  Bringing me the most beautiful Orchid was a great start, Ive never had anyone give me an orchid before! 

Sooo pretty and perfect!

So we were about 20 minutes early and sat at the bar to get a drink, the drinks were super strong but the bartender was awesome.  Im pretty sure his name was Max, and he was great.  After getting our first drinks we talked and he said Hi to a few people he knew.  
We headed in and they sat us at our table.  A cute little 2 top against the wall but still kind of in the front.  I thought it was great because sitting in the middle of a crowd is sometimes annoying and you feel like you have no privacy.  So the wall made it a little more intimate.  There were 3 different comedians and his friend was the headliner.  All of them were great, and honestly we were laughing the whole time!  We got one more drink and enjoyed the show.  Afterwards we finished our drinks and chatted with the comedians.

Everyone headed back into the front of the venue, where apparently it was about to be open mic night.  
Now… I understand it takes a lot to get up on stage in front of a ton of people and be funny.
So more power to you if you can get up there


some of them were bad, like really bad.  It was painful.  A couple had some good jokes and made some laughs but overall it was a train wreck.  On top of that, it was one person after another and there was no time between each person which I didn't like.  If you just sat and watched comedy for 2 hours, where you aren't suppose to be talking cause its rude, you want to have a little break.  I wish there was at least 5 minutes between each person because I felt rude talking but we just got another drink and wanted to chat a little.  Instead we kinda had to pay attention to the people on stage.  It wasn't that bad but that would be my only complaint.

It was really a great night until it took a turn for the worst and my friend embarrassed me like no one has ever embarrassed me before.  Trust me, I don't usually get embarrassed, but she made me look really bad and that is not acceptable as far as Im concerned.  She was the friend you got a job and then turns out to be the employee from hell and makes you look bad.

Other than that I had a wonderful time and my date was amazing.

If you've never been to a comedy show you should really check one out! Its something fun and different to do.

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