Sunday, June 15, 2014

Give me something to smile about

"Smiling gives you wrinkles, resting bitch face keeps you pretty"
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Stop telling me to fucking smile.

This literally urks me beyond belief.  Guys always love to tell you to smile, or they attempt to come up with some witty phrase about your not smiling enough and then ask you to smile.

How about you fuck off

Im perfectly content in resting bitch face, and I assure you, if something is funny or warrants a smile there will be one.  If not then Im probably thinking or concentrating whatever it is that I'm doing.  Im not going to walk around cheesing like a fucking moron all day long to make inadequate men feel better about themselves.  Where do you get off to tell me to smile… like now all of a sudden your qualified to judge my facial expressions and express your discontent when a smile is not present..?

umm no

Do you see girls telling men/boys to smile more? no.  Wanna know why?

Cause we don't give a fuck.

Straight face or smiling who cares, why would I want to force someone to have an emotion and then replicate a facial expression related to that emotion just because I think thats what they should be doing with their face

ugh Idk but it annoys me to no end, because people just feel like they can butt in and have all this fucking commentary about the upwards and/or downwards angle of your lips.

bitch this isn't Hooters. leave me alone.

"you would be so much prettier if you smiled"

Let me tell you something, I don't care if you think I'm pretty.  Im obviously not interested in you or else I would probably be smiling and talking to you instead of tolerating your presence, waiting for you to shut up so I can walk away. 

"just give me a smile"

How about… no.  What are you going to give me… hepatitis…. yea ill pass.

If I'm not smiling and then you command me to smile, I'm definitly not going to smile for you.  My face is probably going to automatically get bitchier.

Although I agree that girls are very nice to look at, majestic creatures we are,  I don't need any sideline commentary from losers about there personal preference when it comes to facial expressions.

I do not exist for your pleasure and do not need to be objectified by a punch of losers.  Women do not owe you their time or conversation.  Men feel entitled to dictate what a woman does with her body and feel personally offended, like by me not smiling I'm not holding up my end of the bargain…
 pshh bitch please

Im fine looking thoughtfully sad or angry or whatever else you want to describe my neutral emotionless face as.  I think I look quit good either way, and maby if you weren't so focused on annoying me you could appreciate the beauty in my natural, unforced disposition.

Moral of the story:
  Don't tell me to smile & if you want me to smile then give me $100 

you do not need to be smiling to be pretty

Lace Shirt from Nasty Gal

Purple Roses curtesy of SanMan


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