Friday, June 27, 2014

Gone Shopping

Ahhh shopping… every girls guilty pleasure

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Honestly I mostly shop online, and rarely in the mall anymore unless something catches my eye while I'm going to get my nails done, if I need something specific, or if its last minute.

I am going to a fancy diner on Sunday and decided I deserve a new dress.

ok ok its just a good excuse but I haven't been to the mall to shop shop for a while so I decided to use my Friday afternoon to do just that.

Now first of all, what you wear to go shopping is very important, you really don't need to be dressed up but a strategic outfit is key.  If you know your going to be trying on clothes then tennis shoes, layers, and things with buttons are a no go.

 Basically you want to wear something that is easy and quick to take off, won't get super stretched out and wonky after removing multiple times and that is comfortable.

I chose this super comfy, loose romper from NastyGal.  It is one piece and i don't wear a bra so basically it is the easiest thing to take on and off ever.

I threw on this belt from F21 with gold monogram letters 


Im taking my small Betsey Johnson purse because I don't want to lug anything heavy around, which also has gold letters and chain.

For the shoes Im wearing Betsey Johnson Wedges that are super comfy.  They have gold stud detailing which ties into the rest of the outfit.  

look back at it

This is super comfortable and easy to take on and off!

Not that my hair is done per sé but I don't have to pull it over my head so I won't start looking all disheveled outfit after outfit.

I love making a little adventure out of things, and when your all dressed and put together you automatically feel good and ready for anything.

Since its summertime I picked up a coral lipstick a few weeks ago.

I don't generally wear coral but I am in love with this color!  It is Beauté Paris by YSL
You can get this at Sephora or Nordstrom's

Im heading to the mall to pick out a pretty dress!

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