Tuesday, June 10, 2014

if i get a little prettier can i be your baby

" I have way too many celebrity crushes, like real people don't even impress me anymore "

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I'd like to think i could have them if i got the chance, at least its more fun to think that way ..

I know everyone has celebrities that they love and its always interesting asking people and seeing who they like and who they find attractive.  It kind of gives you a sneak peek into the type of people that they're into.  Its so funny because when people ask me or I just say it they always seem to be surprised and question me.

I like weird shit

Any of my friends can attest to my fantasies of dating a guy with one eye, perhaps an albino black guy, ex con, old rich white guy.  I don't have just one type, really it vary's.  But after getting into a couple conversations lately about my celebrity crushes I started thinking.  Mostly about what they look like naked and how I could strategically place myself somewhere they might be so they can fall in love with me but thats a whole mother post.

( honestly tho I think I stand a chance if I was at the right place at the right time in the right dress…just saying )

Its just interesting that people are not only surprised with who I crush on but also people I've dated. Haha I have dated an array of men and people are always like "..thats your boyfriend?" lol

yea bitch

I mean granted most of the time I didn't even like the person I was dating but every once in a while a girl needs a new toy

Anyway,  I just can't help who I like…. so here is the list

Chris Anderson

He has to be number one because he is literally the most beautiful man I have ever seen.  Collectively he is hot…so hot.  He's tall, and muscular without looking roiled out and he has neck tattoos.  
and boy do I love me some neck tattoos

And for everyone saying he had child porn or whatever the fuck … that shit is a lie and bird man would never do that.  Famous people always get caught up in scandals.

His past crystal meth addiction tho… hot

Not that I care what anyone thinks about me or of me for liking certain people but I will provide a brief explanation.  I like that he was addicted to crystal meth because that is some hard core shit and now he's playing for the heat, making millions, and getting my panties wet just by running back and fourth.  He overcame it and is probably a stronger, wiser, and better person because of it.  Its the way people choose to deal with things that makes them, more so then the stuff that actually happens.

Khal Drogo
Jason Mamoa

God dam this guy is fine.  Tall, dark, and handsome.  

I actually had the pleasure of meeting him briefly at Comic Con and he was just as good looking in person.  

He told me I was beautiful and I almost fainted.  

Alas he's married, but I still love him

Riff Raff
Jody Highroller

Everyone loves to say Riff Raff is stupid and has no talent but I think all those people are the ones who are stupid.  Cause last I checked he's rakin in the dough and you broke bitches are talking about him in your spare time.  
Doesn't seem stupid to me to brand yourself and be able to do what you love and get paid.  

Maby Riff Raff isn't the most intelligent person, but honestly who knows.  I don't and neither does anyone else unless they personally know him but he can't be that dumb and be in the position he's in now.

People love to say he can't rap.  Well first of all, he can and he does.  Whether you think he's good or not is up for debate but I like his stuff.  

I don't know who said Jay Z is the best rapper alive but its all up to interpretation and I would listen to Riff Raff over Jay Z any day.

Hes a character and he's sexy.

mmm theres just something about that zig zag beard

Pablo Schreiber

Last but not least, Pornstache has recently made his way into my heart.  While I have been obsessed with the show Orange is the new Black, his reappearance made me pretty happy.

He's hot in a creepy way in the show and I love it.

In real life he's hot too but the stache is what does it for me

Conclusion:  like who you like and who the fuck cares what other people think

As for me… I'll be on the lookout for a 6'8 man covered in tattoos, with a porn mustache, and a budding rapping career


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