Friday, June 6, 2014

Perks of being a House Cat


Obviously everyones personality is multidimensional, me included.  Although I do consider myself a social butterfly I also spend a lot of my time being a house cat.


I can go out and have fun no matter where I am, I can talk to pretty much anyone even if I don't like them ( not that they'll ever know that ), and overall I just know how to have a good time… but
A lot of the time Im home, doing things… and I don't leave.

I admire what a beautiful day it is through the window but have no desire to actually go outside.  

Being at home is always equated with being lazy or not doing anything productive but that is not always the case.  I am usually busy, cleaning, doing laundry, writing, reading, doing homework, studying, or nothing at all.

I personally always feel like I need to be doing something, and sometimes that isn't the case.  Every once in a while I do nothing, I usually feel guilty but I'm working on that. 
I think its important to just allow yourself time to do nothing and relax… which is hard when it feels like every wasted moment is a set back… haha at least for me
but then again Im crazy so many no one else is thinking like that.

So im a house cat.

Sometimes I'm doing things and sometimes I'm not and they are all equally as important.

Perched in my beautiful apartment with all my things in the air-conditioning

Perks include ( but are not limited to ) :

- No sweating
- Plenty of food and snacks
- No one bothering you
- You can pee with the door open
- You can look ugly
- You don't have to suck it in
- Judgment free zone
- You choose the music

… ok ok being home alone is just fucking awesome in general

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