Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Night Out: Ocean Prime Review + Outfit Details

What a great night out!

The Outfit:  Cheetah, Spikes, and Fur

So first Ill start with the outfit.  I wore a body con dress that I got from Victoria Secret Pink last week in a cheetah print.  Normally I don't like there clothes unless its loungewear because it always fits so big but I tried this dress on and it was actually tight, when I got to the register apparently it was on sale and I got it for around $15… so I'm definitely happy with that purchase.  I wore my studded & spiked Steve Madden heels which I absolutely love!  I have 3 pairs of this same shoe all in different colors/design but they are really so comfortable and easy to walk in, so if your looking these are really great.  I also had a fur vest from Lord & Taylor which I did have on during diner because even though Its summer time in Florida I am always cold no matter where I go.

The Makeup: Naked and Flared

The makeup I wanted to do a cut crease with flared lashes and light lips.  I used Virgin from the Naked Palette and Tease in the crease from the Naked 2 palette.  I am going to do a separate post on makeup but that was the basis for this look.  

The Food:  Ocean Prime

O M G … This place was amazing

Every single thing was absolutely perfect.  The inside was fabulous the service was great and everything tasted delicious. 

Our server was Daniel so if your going many ask for him cause he was great.  We started off with wine and ordered the braised ribs and scallops as an appetizer.  It was so perfect we literally ate every bite.  They had it sitting on top of these creamy mashed potatoes and the sauce was to die for.  

He ordered the Filet and I honestly don't remember what I had because he ordered it but it was some obscure fish.  We also got a side of lobster mac n cheese.

When I say it was some of the best food Ive ever had, I mean it, and Ive eaten at a lot of places.  The steak was perfect the fish was perfect and the mac and cheese was heaven.  

For desert we had something Daniel recommended that wasn't on the menu.  It was a vanilla cake that was almost caramelized on the sides and it was hot with a scoop of vanilla idea cream and fresh fruit.  It was gone in 10 seconds I swear.  

I had a glass of Moscato and he had a Cappacino and the sugar came on a stick like candy! so cool!

Really everything was perfect except I guess when I went to the bathroom there was a girl throwing up in one stall but even that was kinda funny.  

Overall I would highly recommend Ocean Prime if you are looking for a really nice place to eat in Tampa with excellent food!


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