Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sunnys & Lipstick

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I woke up a bit hungover this morning, I couldn't be to upset though since last night was so much fun it was kinda worth it.  After eating a little something, watching some youtube videos and lounging I decided I really needed to run some errands.  The thought of getting ready was already about to keep me in the house but when I took my hair out of the bun it was in, surprisingly it still looked ok from last night.  

Thats one thing out of the way

I threw on a cute dress, some lipstick, and some of my favorite sunglasses.  Boom.  Actually looked like I tried.  I just hate having to get ready twice in a day or wear makeup for a long period of time if I don't have to.  I heard recently from someone something that really grossed me out, and although I try and limit the amount of time I have makeup on I am going to make more of an effort.

your face eats whats on it

think about that…. fucking gross.  ugh I can't even…
Anyway I have plans later and don't want to be wearing the same makeup from hours beforehand, and I also don't really feel the desire to impress anyone right now.  For a trip to publix for food, ikea to return something, and michaels for a gift box… this was more than enough.

So if your ever in doubt or pressed for time just throw on a cute dress, some lipstick, and your favorite pair of sunnys!

Oh and diner last night was AMAZING! I didn't bring my camera or take picture cause I didn't think it was appropriate but the food was divine.  We went to Eddie V's in Tampa, highly recommend if your looking for a nice place.  I ordered my first steak! ugh so delicious.  I usually just eat a bite or two of the other persons steak and order scallops or fish but I went out on a limb and tried something new…
sooo worth it.  i got a filet with a side of au gratin potatoes
we also had jumbo crab cakes and a bunch of wine!

Anywho… I'm off to run errands

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