Friday, June 13, 2014

You Give Me Fever

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Theres something about vintage everything that gets me every time.  I can't get enough of vintage clothing, and honestly if I had to choose only one style that I would have to wear for the rest of time it would be vintage 50's-60's.

Its timeless

Although Im sure I will never have to make that decision it would be a no brainer.  Personally I have a million different styles of clothing and never really look the same.  I go from grungy, to cutesy, to sexy, to vintage, to modern, to rocker, to slutty, to conservative, to nerd and everything in between. That being said, vintage just always looks flattering, its modest but sexy as hell and thats what I love about it so much.

Anyone who knows me knows that I literally listen to all types of music, and always have music playing.  I really do love old school music, the lyrics, the emotion, the sound… I just love it all.  So many if you always listen to the radio or top 100 stuff, step out of your comfort zone and listen to something new …well old lol

I am planning on making some playlist that will be on here because I love music so much and people are always asking me who sings stuff and I really don't know I just know the songs.  My friends always want to listen to my stuff cause its kinda different and so I'm going to work on creating some playlists with different genres so you guys can get a little taste of some different stuff.

Old movies are my thing, and if Im given the option Ill probably always choose an old movie over a new one.  I absolutely love everything about them from the acting, costumes, and love stories.  The humor is funnier than things now just cause there is still an innocence to it.

If your looking for some good old movies to watch here are some suggestions:  

How to marry a Millionaire
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
By Appointment Only
Monkey Business
The Seven Year Itch
The Island of Lost Girls

           Some of these are available on Netflix, others you will probably have to download or buy.

Vintage hair and makeup is to die for, at least as far as Im concerned.  This is the first time I experimented with a vintage undo and although you can't see the entire thing in the pictures it turned out pretty dam good.  Usually I do finger waves, pin curls, or brushed out curls for vintage hair but Im really loving the undo especially for summer since it will be very very very hot.

... another narcissistic picture… just cannot leave one out

ok ok back to the post...

My vintage clothing collection is growing and I have some really great pieces.  if you are looking for a store, Bettie Page Clothing has a lot of locations so there may be one near you.  Or you can just google vintage clothing's boutiques but in my experience they are hard to come by and generally super over priced.  Your best bet is to shop online which is where I find most of my stuff.
This particular dress I got on ebay, from some random seller.  I do not generally shop on ebay, and have had some bad experiences but this item did arrive on time and fit so no complaints.  If you like this style of dress its called a "wiggle dress" so that should make it easy to find similar styles.
I alread had the belt so it didn't come with it but I like the look of the dress with a belt better.

Shoes are Mary jane Platforms by Steve Madden


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