Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Flourishing Facets

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Somehow I always seem to find myself overwhelmed by unacomplished goals.  I'm one of those people that gets really excited and passionate about something, and before I can actually master it I'm on to the next thing.  I love all kinds of stuff and I find it hard to focus a lot of the time.  Usually this ends in a sort of underlying guilt, mini failure of sorts.  I know that I can be great at so many things but the focus and dedication it takes to truly be great at something is the hardest part of all.  So recently I have really been trying to cut down on the amount of things Im pursuing and focus on a select few that I am most interested in.  It has been going really well believe it or not, every now and again I stray of course and spend 6 hours watching yutube videos on quantum physics or deciding I'm going to join a band and be the lead singer…. even though I can't really sing.  

It seems simple but focusing all my attention on a couple of things really makes me feel better about what I'm doing and more accomplished.  Its motivating when you can see yourself becoming better at things and you actually start to enjoy them more because of the satisfaction you get out of sticking with something.

Growing up I never had a lot of structure and I was never really on a team or part of something i cared about so its hard for me.  I know for other people it comes easy but not this girl.

I have cut a lot of things out and can really see improvement in the areas I've been focusing on… and it feels really fucking good.

Of course I have always been a perfectionist and it allows me to really perfect what I'm doing and no half ass anything.  I have been going pretty strong with the two things I decided to stick with for the let month and a half that I am feeling ready to add lucky number 3.  Something I have been wanting to learn for a while but never really considered actually learning.

So in the coming weeks I am going to ease myself into it and hopefully there will be an update about the learning process and maby even a thing or two I can show off.

For now though I'm going to finish drinking my wine and listen to a really good looking man play guitar.


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