Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Living Room Decor

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This post has been on my mind but I finally got around to it. I've had a lot of people ask me about my furniture, decorations, and where I got some of my things from, so this will hopefully answer all of those questions.  I was being a little lazy, but I had to get this done for my new boss who asked me for some pictures so that definitely lit a little fire.

For those who don't know, I landed a super awesome internship with an interior design firm, and I am beyond excited!

The official start date is July 29th and I am really, really happy to do something that I am interested in and good at.  

Ok ok enough of that and onto the details….

I picked out every single item seen in these pictures, some of which I already owned, but most of these items are new and selected specifically for this space.  if you are interested, most of these items are still available online. 

Below is a list of each item, where it is from and the price.

All large pieces of furniture were ordered online and delivered.  Everything was assembled and put together with the help of some awesome friends!

Couch Urban Outfitters $750.00
Shag Rug Amazon $60.00
Coffee Table Amazon $50.00
T.V. Stand/Dresser Pier 1 $800.00
Ghost Chair Amazon $64.00
Bar Stools (3) Target $245.00
Throw Pillows (2) Marshalls $25.00
Fuzzy White Blanket Target $16.00
Pink Tufted Chair Craigslist $10.00
White Fur Pillow Amazon $25.00
Beaded Floor Lamp Target $50.00
End Tables (2) Amazon $40.00
Column (had forever) 
Blue Vases Marshalls $14.00
Pink Picture Board TjMaxx $10.00
Canvas Picture Urban Outfitters $24.00
Window Mirror (my dad made it)
Spectrum by Richard Philips Canvas $350.00

Voila !

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