Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mixed Girl Mixed Prints

Leopard Dress Victoria Secret PINK
Plaid Shirt Forever 21
Boots Jeffery Campbell 
Sunglasses Unif

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After a decent weekend at work I decided to head up to Gainesville to see a few friends that are still left.  Obviously the goal was to have a good time, which I did but the way the night ended was horrible.  I'm not going to get into it because thinking about it makes me angry.  

Although it was terrible I will say this much.  When you find yourself in situations with trashy/low/simple/uneducated/unsuccessful/pathetic people it is always a good reminder to keep moving forward.  As much as I loved living in Gainesville I am so glad I left, and the end of the night was a nice slap in the face.  I want so much more than what I have now and I don't see any reason I can't have it all.  

I'm going to continue working hard and I will be exactly where I want to be in life.

Comfortable as fuck.

I always find it fascinating when people are so complacent and accepting of their situation.  Of course there is noting wrong with that, it's up to the individual how they want to live their life.  I just always want more and I could never imagine accepting the position I am in now as the rest of my life. Some people are fine with what they have, some people don't want more, and thats ok… its the people that think they can't get more that really irritate me.  Anytime someone says something like "I know I'll never be rich" or "I won't ever be able to live in a place like that" or "I know I'm going to be poor forever" …. its just weak.  It's like, your giving up before you even tried.  How do you know you would never get rich if you tried?  Im pretty sure most people who are rich did something to get that way, unless they were born rich which is annoying but you catch my drift.

It's always just a point of curiosity with me… because thats just not the way I think and I won't accept less than what I want.  When I was younger I don't really remember dreaming of what it would be like when I grew up, or how I was going to be rich, or anything about my far away future.  I don't remember thinking I was pretty and honestly I didn't care. All I remember dreaming of was being anywhere other than where I was.  I wanted my own room, and I wanted to be able to take a shower, and I wanted to be able to flush the toilet, and I wanted to live in a place with no rats, I wanted to be able to eat what was in the refrigerator, I didn't want to lie to my teachers about where I was living, I wanted to be happy, and those things were all that mattered.  It was bad and all I ever thought about was for my life to just be better, to be the opposite of what it was , and it never seemed fair.  Now looking back its strange cause I realize that I never dreamed of a future.

Now thats all I can seem to dream about.
I'm the girl with a beautiful apartment, tons of clothes, nice makeup, styled hair, an internship, friends, a working shower, soon a degree, an amazing boyfriend, a pet, a new car, and it feels pretty dam good.

I think I've come pretty far and I don't plan on stopping.

So if you think your life sucks… do whatever it takes to make it not suck..

Solid advice I know but thats really all it boils down too.  I leave you with that, and now, on my day off I am going to bust my ass on my first design project/test and teach myself how to use auto cad.

until next time.


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