Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm Moving to Denver!!!

So I'm moving to Denver, Colorado. 
And I am soooo freakin excited!!

Ok ok I'll start from the beginning.  Before I moved to Tampa I wanted to move to Denver too but ultimately decided on Tampa because it was easier, closer, and I was dating someone.  Fast forward 8 months and I've dated 3 other someones and I don't like it here.  I moved here and didn't know anyone and never really made friends cause I lived far away from where I worked and honestly didn't really want to make any because I knew I wouldn't stay here.  There were other factors as well but I haven't been happy here for the most part, all of my happy moments have been with men… and I don't see the reason to stay.  Visiting 2 weeks ago solidified my feelings and made it extremely clear.  It was so beautiful and clean and new and nice and it just felt so good.  Its hard to explain but the only way I can put it is that its just a feeling, I know it will work out and I know I will LOVE it!

Anywho, I will be leaving on September 2nd so thats right around the corner.  I hired movers so they will be moving all of my stuff except my clothes and I will meet them there.  I am going to Miami to see my best friends, mom, and sister.  Going to hang out for a couple days and then begin the long drive. Stopping in Gainesville, Tennessee, Kansas, and then I'll arrive in Denver!!

I am beyond excited and just so incredibly happy.  I have friends there and am more than excited to experience a whole bunch of new things!  Hiking, snowboarding, skiing, yoga on a mountain! all of it!

So I've already taken care of everything from the movers to my electric and everything is set in place.  I took my car into the dealership today just to get the tires rotated and checked and make sure everything is good to go before I leave.

Let me tell you, last time I went in there my tire light came on an hour afterwards and then today these Aholes are all like 

"Mrs. Polonyi theres a nail in your tire so we're going to have to replace it"
"umm, ok is that included in the lease?"
"Did you get tire protection?"
"I don't know, can't you look that up in the computer"
"Yea you don't.  It'll be $190"

These people literally just suck money right out of you.  God I leased it cause I thought I wouldn't have to deal with bs like this but guess not.  Don't even get me started about the couple scratches

"I think I paid extra for the dents and scratches thing so can you guys buff those out"
"yea no, you just paid for dents… and these are scratches.  So you would need to have the scratch protection"

Goddammit these people are relentless.  I'm glad I got my tire fixed before driving across the country but come on.

So thats that, I will be updating along the way but I also decided to kind of video document the whole things so i'll have that up soon!

This was my look of the day!

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