Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Movie Night

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There is nothing better than having the whole day off and completely relaxing.

Ok well thats not entirely true, although I did enjoy my day off and currently have a glass of wine in hand it was a rough start.  I have had soooo many issues with my internet service so finally I was fed up and canceled in a fit of rage on Friday.  I didn't have internet for a couple days up until that point but they no longer deserved my money. Anywho I called Verizon to have my internet with them and its 25$ cheaper and they gave me a free tablet.  FREE tablet…. 

Me: Your giving me a free tablet?
Verizon Employee:  Yes
Me: For Free?
Verizon Employee: (chuckle) yes m'am for free.
Me: What do I have to do?
Verizon Employee: Nothing, your already doing it.  You just need to sign up for a Verizon service
Me: I guess we'll see

So back to the story.  I had an appointment for someone to come between 12-2… I worked the night before so I was out cold.  Of course at 10:20am my phone rings twice back to back.  I pick up… 
"Hello Mrs. Nirvana?"
"Hi this is         with Verizon, just calling to let you know I'm in the building and heading over to your apartment now"
ok :(

So I had to jump out of bed, this guy was knocking on my door before I even had pants on.  He was actually really nice, and Im happy that I finally had internet.  The next hour consisted on me eating an apple and watching youtube videos.  Then I dropped a ton of clothes of at Plato's Closet because I got caught up in cleaning and felt the need to purge half of my closet.  I went to a hair consultation, the gym, and then home to shower.  Got ready, headed to the boys house then went grocery shopping.  Très Romantic.  

Then back to Platos Closet where I took all my clothes back… I wasn't ready 

Made some tacos, poured some wine, and now I'm sitting pretty in the movie theatre room.  I got some great movie recommendations the other day so hopefully they are on Netflix.

Nighty Night


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