Sunday, August 31, 2014


I'm packing.

Now I have moved literally 5 times in the last year and a half.  That's a lot of times, and every time I find all this bizarre stuff and wonder why I still have it.

I throw a lot away but some of it I keep.  I guess you always think, well I want to show my kids my yearbook.  Honestly tho… its in the garbage.  I don't even look good in those pictures and ultimately its useless crap.  Coming across certain things though really made me stop and think.  These things used to be so important and It's almost like seeing and touching them can bring me back to that time.

having a holographic Mewtwo card meant something

Tetris was the ultimate entertainment

Gameboy camera taught me how to take a selfie

and my retainers… well there aren't very good memories attached to those but still

All of these items except my Spice World vhs are now in the garbage.

I was so ready to pack and started getting everything ready, until it came to a screeching holt because I can't find my packing tape.  I know I have two rolls, where they are, I have no clue but I do have the handle/dispenser part.  Obviously that is not much help but going to the store right now sounds terrible.

Anyway let me get back to being productive

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