Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Top & Skirt are Vintage
Store: LaFrance

So i discovered a new store that is literally to die for!  It's right near where I work and it is the definition of fabulous.  I have driven by plenty of times and have even had people tell me to check it out but from the outside it looked pretty unimpressive.  Finally on a day off after running some errands I decided to stop in and see what it was all about.  It was perfect.   From the outside it looked really small and sort of dingy but once you were inside it was HUGE!

 literally this place was giant and there was stuff everywhere.  They had everything accessories, clothes, formal, fur, mens, real vintage, and new vintage recreations.  I started in on the racks and before I new it I had about 25 things to try on.  So I got too it.  

Some of the items were expensive and others weren't. I really did love almost everything, some stuff didn't fit quite right and others they didn't have in my size which made it easier to narrow down.  In the end there were 2 tight form fitting dresses that were spectacular but I decided to leave them behind because I just bought 2 tight vintage dresses not too long ago.  i decided to go with 2 beautiful circle skirts.  One was real vintage (pictured above) and the other a vintage recreation.  The one in the picture was $43 and the recreation was $130.  Pricey but worth it.  I will do another post with the second skirt soon.  The shirt was $50.  I only got 3 things but I have been dyeing to go back.  I am going to a wedding in Colorado in 2 weeks and cannot wait to stop in and pick up 2 new dresses…many a couple more, who knows.

There will be a welcome cocktail party and diner the Friday night before the wedding and then the actua wedding on Saturday.  So I definitely want two dresses, and many a couple accessories. Anywho… the store was beautiful and all the employees where so helpful and nice I cannot wait to go back.  The name of the store is LaFrance in case anyone wants to check it out!


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