Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Mall is my ZEN

So of course a week cannot pass without me going to the mall.  It always starts with one item… then turns into 10.

The thing is I always need one of the items.

This week it was my eyebrow pencil which I needed to go to Sephora to get.  So then on the way I decided I also needed new sunglasses because I only have 2 pair and they are both horrendously scratched.  I always buy cheap sunglasses and just throw them in my bag and never really car because they aren't expensive but I just got the cutest sunglasses case so I figured why not put it to use.

Of course that turned into remembering I wanted new hair scarves, which turned into browsing through hair accessories, which turned into getting a pair of jeans…

I understand I have a shopping addiction and shouldn't feel so much satisfaction from material items blah blah blah

My clothes don't talk back and my shoes don't annoy me so Ill just keep doing what I'm doing thanks

bebe Highrise Denim Jeans
Sunglasses & Case from Aldo
Hair Scarf & Flowers by Tatyana

Do what makes you happy right… well sometimes that requires spending cold hard cash.

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