Friday, September 12, 2014

4 Days in the mile high city

So it is now my fourth day here and I decided it was best to wait a bit and then do a small update.

Well I still love it so thats a good thing

I arrived and got as settled in as I possibly could which is near impossible because the movers have most of my things but Ive been managing.  I perused Craigslist a little and found an ad for a bar in need of a bartender, but the best part was the logo was a dar haired pinup girl that sort of resembled me so I thought, hey why not.

I went in the next day and interviewed at 5:30.  There were a lot of people there, about 15 and she was doing interviews from 5 to 6 so I figure it was at least 30 people total.  It went really well and of course I looked super fly but she was also interviewing the next day so I had to wait and see.

I was pretty much near downtown so I drove around, found a spot, and walked around until I found a cool bar.  I went in and got the most delicious pomegranate martini.

Now, normally I am not that type of gal.  

I have never gone to a bar alone, to have a drink.  Maby back when I lived in Gainesville and my boyfriend was the bartender and I knew everyone but thats different.  This is a whole new city and I was trying to step outside of my comfort zone.

It turned out to be really fun.  The bartender, Matt, was really awesome.  A gentleman next to me started making small talk and bought my two drinks as a welcome to Denver gift and gave me his card. I left and headed home.  I change into my jam jams and made a huge cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and watched youtube.

could life get any better?!

It really is the simple things.  I went to sleep early because I am now 2 hours behind and haven't gotten used to the time difference yet.

Woke up super early to pick up my dad from the airport which was awesome.  I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving and it worked out perfectly that he would be able to come see me for two days.  He had a retreat with his girlfriend planned for months, which was in Wyoming.  So instead he flew here which was actually cheaper and rented a car so he is going to just drive there.

We had the best breakfast ever!

eggs, corned beef hash, home fries, biscuits, and gravy  … mmmmm sooo good

As we were leaving we noticed a bright green cross.

Weed Marijuana Ganja MaryJane Pot Grass Trees Green Herb Sticky Icky Hash Dank Cannabis Skunk Kush Dro Crippie Devils Lettuce Yoda Purp Schwag Kali Sweet Leaf Frankenstein….

All dat

So what is a girl and her dad to do?

Obviously we went in!  Now I haven't been to a dispensary yet and neither has he.  It was pretty weird but after handing over our ID's and being escorted into a back room we were in stoners heaven.  Now I don't smoke but my dad did pick up a couple items


We had an amazing diner at my friends restaurant and then explored downtown and now he's taking a nap as I type away about him buying weed.  Good thing he doesn't really know what a "blog" is …

Oh I forgot to mention, while we were at diner the owner of the bar called me and told me I was hired… not too shabby

So by day 4 I've explored the city, landed a job, seen my dad, bought weed, seen snow, and just been absolutely fabulous 

Until Next Time…

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