Saturday, September 20, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Its been almost a month since I packed up and headed for Denver. A week and a half of which was spent hanging out with friends in Florida and the actual drive here. 

I arrived on September 10th and was staying with a friend temporarily.  The movers had 95% of my things so I've been roughing it.  Stuck in this weird homeless not homeless limbo.

One of my friends from home who moved here about a year ago conveniently needed to get out of her house because she had terrible roommates, they got robbed, and it was a in a bad area.  

The timing couldn't have been better.

Seriously, everything has just been working out so smoothly and I really do think when you believe things will work and are putting that energy out there you get it back ten fold.

Im not going to drone on like that book The Secret but you get the jist.

We both were looking for places online and she found and amazing one.  I cereal dialed this realtor until he agreed to show it and we fell in love.  It was the only place we looked at and it was perfect.  

I am beyond happy right now I can't even explain. 

The next day the movers came and finally delivered all my things.  I bought my first nice brand new bed.  I've been working like crazy and unpacking and honestly… I'm freakin exhausted.

It's the home stretch and the end is so close.  Comcast came this morning to set up our internet, the guys are coming to drop off our beds in the next hour and then I just have to organize my room.  I have 3 errands to run and then the best part of this entire homeless experience will commence later tonight.

I'm going to the salon as my last errand so my hair will be freshly washed, cut, and blow-dried. 

 I'm going to…
Take an amazingly long shower
Put on my jam jams
Crack open a bottle of wine
Light a bunch of scented candles
Put on a face mask
Choose a romantic movie to watch
and do absolutely nothing…

its going to be FABULOUS

Since my bed has yet to be delivered and my room is still in slight disaray I will be doing a separate post on my bedroom.

Now, off to complete these errands… until next time


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