Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Made it to Denver

So after the longest trip of my life I finally arrived in my new city.  I drove from Miami, stopping a total of 4 times.  I partied in Miami on the Friday night before I left, it was pretty awesome and everything I wanted.  I got to see pretty much all of my friends and my sister and went to some cool places in Wynwood and South Beach.  The only negative is that it's Miami and after a stop at iHop I didn't get in bed until about 6:25am.  Not exactly the best start to a drive across the country.
But totally worth it.

The plan was to drive from Miami to Atlanta which is about 10 hours.  Sleeping for an hour and a half, getting caught in traffic, and being slightly hungover was not helping.  As fate would have it one of my best friends got the day off so I stopped in Gainesville, rubbed some makeup on my face, put a Gator shirt on and drank even more Jack Daniels than I did the night before.  It was a great time, and going back to The Swamp where we both used to work was awesome.  There were so many familiar faces and old friends, it worked out perfectly.  

We left pretty early and hung out for a bit before finally crashing.  I didn't get the best night sleep and we all wound up waking up super early.  Breakfast at Peach Valley was a must and then I said my goodbyes.  
Hit the road for Atlanta and made it in about 6 hours to my aunts house.  Getting there was so perfect.  She made the most amazing dinner of quesadillas, tomato salad, cheeseburgers, rice, and then to top it off homemade mango ice cream.

I was in heaven

Oh and I forgot to mention… Sangria by yours truly

It was a great night though, just talking and relaxing is all you really need sometimes.
I got the best night sleep ever and woke up to an equally amazing breakfast of cheesy grits, sausage, ham, eggs, and handmade espresso.

I was ready to hit the open road again and let me say, it is really crazy what you can accomplish when you are mentally invested and physically prepared. 

I was planning on driving 7 hours to St. Louis and stopping but I was cruising and feeling so good that I passed my planned stop and kept on going.  I decided to drive until I couldn't anymore and eventually stopped in the middle of nowhere Kansas.  I drove a total of 13 hours and I was pretty dam proud.

After resting and showering at the Holiday Inn
I don't know about you but every time I think about the Holiday Inn, chingy just starts singing in my head…

I got on the road at about 9am this morning and made it to Denver around 1:30.  Of course you have to take into consideration the time change, because we are two hours behind here.

I finally arrived and met my new roommate and he is exactly like I imagined!
I am beyond happy to be here, but more than that this experience has already taught me so much and I feel like the 7 days between leaving Tampa and arriving in Denver I have become such a better person. I don't want to get too deep so I'll save that for another post.

I'm here.

And it feels fucking fantastic!

My new roommate helped me unpack my car, we had lunch, and I set up my new room.  After running some errands and showering I feel completely at home.  It'll be a couple days until my stuff arrives from the moving company but i'll manage until then.

I feel like I became so unhappy and numb for a little while there and then the universe just snapped it's fingers in my face.
And just like that I'm awake.

This moment is all that matters, so be happy now.  Choose to do what you want to do now and don't wait, I cannot say that enough.  

I hope that I was able to inspire everyone I came in contact with along the way to do something they have been wanting too whether it be big or small. 
That in it of itself makes this all worth it.

Somewhere in between Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas I finally got it


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