Thursday, September 4, 2014

Made it to Miami

So I made it to Miami.  

The movers were 6 hours late and it really ruined my entire plan for Tuesday but oh well stuff happens.  I have been trying to practice staying calm in those types of situations because usually when I get frustrated I get extremely angry and irritated and its bad so I'm working on it.  I am happy that they showed up and took all my stuff and its all over with.  Since they were late I had to drive at night which was extremely annoying and what I was trying to avoid but the 4 hours drive to Ft. Lauderdale wasn't that bad.  I got to my best friend Chasity's house and unloaded some of my bags and let Fred out of him box and into the backyard.  He didn't really move around much probably because he was scared and disoriented but her German Shepard was so confused by him.

We went out to a local bar, and by the time we got there it was a little past midnight.  The bartender was cool and I just had a really great time catching up and bonding with her before I leave.  What drunk night with Chasity would be complete without Taco Bell.  I literally don't even go to Taco Bell and the only times that I can remember recently have been with her.  

Eating a dorritos locos taco at 4am was the perfect night cap.

As always I was the first one awake… 9:30 and I couldn't go back to sleep.  So I got up and figured I would make breakfast.  Even though we just ate a couple hours ago the fear of a hangover coming on late in the day was enough encouragement.  I made about 16 pancakes and Chasity finally got up.  

We didn't eat any of them.

She had to work at noon so I grabbed Fred and loaded up the car.  Said goodbye and we were off!

Finally I arrived in Miami around 12:45.

I went straight to my best friend Alexa's house and took the most amazing shower.  I don't know what it is about his girls shower but its just the best.  It's always clean, its big and spacious, the water pressure is perfect, it gets hot enough, and I just love it.  I fell asleep in her bed, naked, and exhausted. 

I woke up around 3:30 and got ready to head to my moms house to meet my sister.  

We talked and hung out and then my mom finally came home from work and started cooking diner.  My sisters boyfriend showed up and it was a pretty good time.  Lots of talking, eating, and laughing.  We all sat around digesting and then finally my sister and her boyfriend left and I said bye to my mom and headed back to Alexa's house because she was finally home.

She straightened my hair and we got in bed to bond.  The last thing I remember was telling her how bad I wanted a Sphynx cat and next thing I knew it was morning time.

I need one of the beautiful creatures in my life

I slept in while she went to class and eventually got up and started to cook lunch.  Pretty perfect timing because she got home just as it was done and we ate.

Now we're lounging on the couches with all her dogs and its pretty perfect.

Feels good to be around friends and family and I'm so happy to be out of Tampa.

I'm excited to see the rest of my friends on Friday night and then for the journey to Denver!

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