Monday, September 29, 2014

Once upon a time …

I just can't stop.

So I could ramble on about how Iv'e been busy getting settled into my new place and Denver and work and my love life but I like to keep it real and the truth is I have literally been sitting on the couch completely and totally consumed with the show Once Upon a Time…

I couldn't even pull myself away to write a post, take pictures, or do anything really except going into the kitchen to get food and then return to my warm spot on the couch.  

I have literally watched about 40 episodes in a matter of days… each is about 45 minutes long.

I just can't stop. First it was making me upset that I wasn't doing anything except watching t.v and although I'm not a huge television person I just accepted it and decided that its ok.  I only have about 10 episodes left.. and then there will be no more.  Nothing left until the new season comes out but then I'll be free!

I spent some time thinking about how it feels, like I just couldn't bare not knowing what would happen.  

Anyway I highly recommend it if you need a new Netflix show to watch but be warned… if you like it then you may not have much of a life until you finish it.

On another note Denver is awesome and it hailed today while I was getting my nails done so theres that.  I honestly don't have much else to share right now since I've been working and watching netflix but I will be done with the third season tomorrow so then I'll be able to get back in the swing of things.  

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