Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Throne

So I'm officially all moved into my new place and the bedroom is HUGE. I love it, so much floor space to roll around.  I added a few new accessories but for the most part this is the same stuff I've had.  I have a super thick blanket I'm going to be using for winter so I will be getting some new bedding, a duvet with some matching pillows.  Although I still love floral I need something new so ill be browsing around and do an update with my new bedding and where I purchased it.  You can find all the items I purchased below.

The amount of love I have for pillows is ridiculous.  They are just so pretty, they're snuggly, they can prop you up if you want to read, and of course you can sleep on them!

Also I bought a brand new bed and it is totally amazing.  There have been a lot of moments that made me feel like a real adult but buying myself a brand new bed is definitely one of them.

So all and all I love my new place and my bedroom is the icing on the cake.  I've had requests for pictures so enjoy!

All of these items are still available if you are interested in any of them!


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