Wednesday, October 8, 2014


So I finally finished all 3 seasons of Once Upon a Time and am no longer a slave to the couch!

I have mostly been working, taking care of errands, and having fun with friends.  Some friends from Florida came into town for the beer fest and we had a super awesome day so I will be doing a separate post on that once I go through all the pictures. 

My roommate and I had a girls night which was super fun.  Basically consisted of us talking for 4 hours while drinking wine, smoking, and doing clay face masks … a girls heaven.

I attempted to go to the mall yesterday looking for a dress for next friday night.  I literally went into almost every good store and found nothing.  I just don't like most of the stuff at the mall and it really isn't as enjoyable as I remember.  The sales people all seem so pushy and judgy it makes me feel weird.

If I walk into your store to look around stop shoving tacky rhinestones dresses with side scrunge in my face… for the fifth time thats not my style.  Can they here me? I literally tell them its not my style and they keep grabbing dresses equally as tacky.  Then they put all this shit in the dressing room in hopes Ill like it when I try it on which isn't the case.  I don't like it therefore I am not going to bother trying it on.

I know what I like and I know what I'm looking for.

Ugh the struggle was real yesterday at Cherry Creek Mall.  The only dress I liked was from Michael Kors and it was a long sleeve, navy blue, wrap style dress with gold hardware on one side.  It had a plunging neckline and fit really well but just wasn't what I wanted.  The shopoholic in me said to buy it anyway but I decided to focus on the dress I wanted.  Honestly I might go back for it …

Its just weird because I try stuff on and don't like it and most of the time the employees seem so offended or annoyed that I wasted their time or something…

Bitch you don't have anything else to do besides fold clothes so just stop pouting.  I don't like anything… thats it.  So if I go in your store its a requirement that I buy something?  I don't know thats the feeling that I have been getting lately and I don't like it.  Honestly I buy most of my clothes online but the fun of going to the mall is quickly fading…

I did however get a gorgeous coat from the Scandal collection at The Limited which I've never shopped at before but definitely go check it out they have a lot of amazing pieces.  I don't actually watch that show but my friends do so I knew the main character was stylish.  

And now…. I leave you with some photos from before I went to the mall

Jeans and Top from BeBe

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