Monday, November 17, 2014

Let it Snow

This week proved to be a lot of first's for me.  Although I grew up in New York and playing in the snow is a pivotal part of my childhood it is a lot different as an adult.  Snow days were a highly sought after commodity and when it happened it was glorious.  

The snow in New York was a lot more compact and easy to build stuff with.  Comparable to the Disney movie Snow Day, except I didn't live in such a fancy neighborhood.  Either way we built snowmen, had snowball fights, made giant igloos, and underground caves, giants hills of snow became the perfect slides and the feeling of cold never seemed to be a factor.

Pure fun.

I must say it is a little different now that I'm older, I'm not in school, I have a job, my own condo, and car.  Watching snow fall is as mesmerizing as watching flames dance in a firepit, all cozy from inside me house it is almost too perfect….. Until you have to go outside that is…

So I drove in the snow for the first time and it was terrifying to say the least.  A week later and I can say I have the hang of it.  My little red beetle is a beast I might add.

Going slow and peering over my steering wheel like a 90 year old woman with glaucoma is something I have come to except.  

Making cute winter outfits is something I can't complain about though!  

So many different combinations and cute accessories.

Its a high of 35 today, the sun is shining and it feels amazing outside.

So I'm going to put my new found skills to work and spend the day out and about.  Getting my nails done, going to the bank, shopping at the mall, grocery shopping, and then "family" dinner night later with my friends.

What a glorious day huh

I have decided to get pumpkin pie… I've been craving it and I'm definitely not cooking anything so I think that'll do.

Until next time

Fuzzy Angola Hat Nasty Gal
Sweater Forever 21
Skirt Nordstrom
Tights House of Harlow
Lipstick Rouge Volupte 62K501 YSL

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