Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Right in Front of You

A friend told me to write about understanding people and not always trying to be understood.  The more I thought about it what he said started to come to life.  

We only have ourselves and a lot of the time we get wrapped up in the me and the i and we forget about others.  There is nothing wrong with that of course because making sure you are happy is a priority but sometimes we have to step outside of our bubble.  I would consider myself a pretty open person but at the same time I don't usually divulge much to certain people because I've always thought that they would learn to understand me over time.

Sometimes what you think isn't what really is… you just have to look a little closer

Recently I found myself in a situation with a man that i've known for a while and he wasn't treating me the way I wanted to be treated.  I tried so hard to understand why he acted that way, and since he had no family, a hectic work life, and terrible past relationships he was just hard to love.  I tried to ask questions, be patient, relate to him but in the end that was the way he was and I could never be with someone like him.  

Instead of being upset I actually felt very calm and happy with my decision.  I tried to understand him for 10 months and always put myself on the back burner. I can honestly say there was nothing else I could have done other than wait around and hope things would change but lets be honest I don't have time for that mess.  I did learn a lot and ending it was ok because I knew I tried everything in my power to make it work and understand him.

In the end its his loss… obviously

So that is what first came to my mind when my friend suggested this but it is always good to remind ourselves we aren't the only ones with feelings and thoughts and to take a step back and really try to understand others.  When you can understand others there is usually no need to ask questions because all the answers are right in front of you.

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