Monday, November 24, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

Lately I've had some trouble sleeping.  My work schedule isn't much different then its been the last couple of years so I've been trying to figure it out.  

The curtains behind my bed are sheer and the sun comes up on that side of my house so it is extremely bright in the morning.  Now I used to sleep with all the lights on and have had the same curtains for a while so its kinda always been bright and it never really bothered me.

I figured that might be part of the problem so instead of getting new curtains like a regular person I bout a $70 cashmere sleep mask … an exact replica from Breakfast at Tiffany's to be exact.

Of course I couldn't bare to throw of the feel of my room by changing my curtains so it seemed like a good solution. 

At first I was worried it would be irritating to sleep with something on my face but it is surprisingly comfy as well as stylish. 

The thing is… I still wake up very early and can't go back to sleep so apparently it isn't the brightness.

I wake up and I'm so pissed because I can't fall back asleep so I just lay there forever, dreading actually having to get up, eventually I do and one of two things happen.  I start my day, run around, see friends, and what not…. or …. 3 hours after I got out of bed I am so tired I can barely function and wind up climbing back into bed in the middle of the day for a nap which last until about 8 or 9pm. 

The saddest part is, I'm used to it now so I've accepted that this is the course my sleep schedule is taking.

At least I got a cute sleep mask out of the dilemha.

Other than my silly first world sleeping problems everything has been pretty fabulous.  
I am so excited for Thanksgiving!
Real food!
Honestly I don't really cook, It's not that I can't I just don't really enjoy it at all and it irritates me.  Having to do all the work, wait, and then clean everything.  
Its just such a pain in the ass.
Every single thing I eat is made by someone else.  My diet mostly consists of sushi, wraps, soup, and noodles from whole foods, fortune kitchen chinese food down the street, restaurant food with dates, and   turkey sandwiches with cheddar ruffles at work.

Oh and in all of that I drink absolutely no water.

I hate water.

All I drink is juice, soda, ice t, and wine.

Soooo I am excited for some real home cooked food that I didnt have to prepare.
My aunt is the most amazing cook so I can't wait to see what she prepares this Thanksgiving.
Im also excited to see everyone in Atlanta since I haven't seen anyone since I moved here to Denver about 3 months ago.

For now though I'm going to eat another slice of pumpkin pie with an excessive amount of whip cream, purchased from whole foods of course.


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