Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Day 3 of being sick

The choice to go out last night probably wasn't the best one and I wouldn't regret it so much now if it had been a little bit more fun, but hey … can't win em all right?


The Chinese food menu put on my door the other day is my savior.


It's snowing outside, I'm sick, and don't feel like going anywhere obviously.  So I am going to sit right here and continue to online shop in my warm cozy loft waiting for my hot, delicious Chinese food to arrive.

Now for the real hard part, choosing which movie to watch while I eat it …

I think I'm leaning towards How to Marry a Millionaire but I might peruse Netflix and choose something I haven't seen before.   I'm a huge re-watcher and a huge re-reader, you can always find something new in things no matter how many times you watch or read them.  
At least I think so.

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