Monday, December 8, 2014

All Pink Everything

There is no such thing as too much pink

At least as far as I'm concerned

I got this dress months ago when the Prince came to town because it looked semi fancy in the picture but when it arrived it looked a lot more casual then I had anticipated so I never wore it.  Sitting in my closet among other splurges it was calling to me to be worn.

I decided to pair it with all pink and it looked fabulous!

The heels and the coat dressed it up and I only took it off while trying on shoes at Nordstrom because lets be honest… shoes turn me on.

I got a new pair of stilettos that I had my eye on for a while and finally decided to go get them.  To my great pleasure they were over 65% off! 
A girls dreams really can come true, $400 shoes for $150 … um yes please
I can't wait until they arrive… ugh the anticipation

Although I was disappointed at how casual this dress looked when it first arrived I love it now, its super comfortable and you can dress it up or down so thats never a bad thing.

Perfect outfit for a productive day.
After crazily cleaning my entire place, lighting every scented candle, and getting ready for the day I got out of the house and got some stuff done.
Post office, Whole Foods, Bank, The Mall, and some other things...

Pale Pink Dress Nasty Gal
Pink Scandal Collection Coat The Limited
Pink Stilettos Aldo
Pink Purse Aldo
Pink Bow Scarf Tatyana Boutique

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