Friday, December 5, 2014


A conversation with a friend last night prompted some thoughts.  
In life, is everything really that simple and we just make things more complicated than they need to be.
We think there has to be more to it…

Is it as simple as intimacy vs isolation

"the struggle of our 20's" he so kindly put it.

Does this psychological theory really answer our questions or does it just lead us to more?

Because I can honestly say after reading it I started questioning my own thoughts which usually just spirals into a place of ultimate confusion where eventually I give up trying to think so hard and decide my life is fabulous so why hurt my head.

I started wondering if there was a real difference between settling and unrealistic expectations, is it all about perception?
How can we ever get what we want if it doesn't exist? and who is to say it doesn't? but how can we be sure? is it desperation for companionship or boredom that leads us to the wrong people? is it possible to have a real human connection with someone when your vision is fogged over with all the things you think they need to have?

Is it wrong to place so much emphasis on love?

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