Sunday, December 14, 2014

Babes in Candyland

So in preparation for a party I decided to go all out on the costume, as per usual.  I just love crafty stuff but not too often, so costumes are a good excuse to bust out the glue and scissors.  

The theme was Candyland so brainstorming was also fun to do.  I decided on a gummy bear bra and a chocolate bar skirt.  The skirt turned out to be a disaster so I switched to a skirt made out of twizzlers. 

It took me about 2 days to make the whole thing, I would say I put in a total of 8 hours so not to shabby.  I was mostly just watching netflix while glueing and stitching.  

I started with a bra that I never wear and glued gummys bears all over it while using a hairdryer on the cool setting to help them dry fast or else they would start sliding around and get all wonky.
The skirt took forever.  I sewed each twizzler to a velcrow mini skirt one by one by one…
I used 3 bags of twirlers, 2 bags of gummy bears, 4 candy necklaces, and a bunch of rhinestones to go with my makeup.

Overall it turned out fucking awesome!

I was so happy with it, and it didnt get destroyed at all.  I thought it would be done for by the end of the night but turned out it is fully in tact… now I just have to figure out what to do with it.  
If you are considering making anything like this here is some advice.

I put each item in the freezer sporadically just so it would harden up and stay in place.  I have the heat on in my house so I didnt want the glue to stay soft by leaving it out.

The freezer idea was brilliant!

Until a certain someone made a bagel with butter on it and it tasted like glue.
I took a bite and sure enough

pure glue

I guess the glue was so strong that the smell seaped into the fridge and made the butter taste like glue.  Everything else in the fridge is pretty contained and I haven't tried everything but most stuff seems to b good.

Now that I think about it… I should probably check the ice

Anyways… the night was fun and my costume was a hit!!!


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