Thursday, December 4, 2014

Don't Ever Tame Your Demons

So after finishing my last book I picked up 3 more and can't wait to review them.  Although I've had them for 2 days I haven't yet started reading any.  I find myself unable to pull away from a sex and the city binge and slowly building addiction to tea.  Now… understand, I fucking hate tea.

Unless its ice tea, with tons of sugar in it.  

Hot tea is and never was my style.  It just takes like dirty water… and I think I've made my views about the unnatural distaste I have for water.  

Anyway in an attempt to stop ordering chinese food and eat healthier I went real grocery shopping for things to actually cook.  Its been two days and I haven't yet strayed so I guess thats a good thing.  While browsing around whole foods I decided to try and be a better person, the kind of person who drinks tea.  

I decided you can learn to love anything so why not start with tea.

I do it with men all the time so tea can't be too hard.

The first cup was terrible and all I did was complain but for some reason I still wanted to drink it. 

A couple days later and the tea doesn't really taste good but I'm getting some sick satisfaction out of proving myself I can do it so theres that.  

Im also putting a ridiculous amount of raw honey in it, which I also hate.

I could parlay all of this into some speal about how you shouldn't focus on the negative and stay positive but I'm not going to do that.  I just fucking don't like certain things and theres nothing wrong with that.  I will continue to complain until the day I die.

Now I will complain about how my room gets messy and it annoys me even though I'm the one who made it messy…

Maby I should just get a cleaning lady

Surely someone's abuelita needs a part time job

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